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Firm representatives: Complete the following form in order to update your company's information for our annual list of the top 150 privately held companies headquartered in Oregon, currently published in the July/August  issue of Oregon Business. There is no charge to participate. The list is ranked by annual sales/revenue without revealing actual revenue figures; instead ranking companies within broad ranges of revenue. Click here to see the most recently published list.

  • If you received an email requesting an update, please refer to your company's  information listed in the email and only enter new data for required fields or if the previous data is incorrect. Otherwise, select "no change" below. The deadline for submission is in the email.
  • If your company has not appeared in the Private 150 before, please enter new information in all applicable fields.
  • If you have any questions, please email  research editor, Kim Moore, or call her at 503.445.8828.
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