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EYELEVEL, an Innerworkings Company

6720 N Basin Avenue, Portland, OR, USA, 97217
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EYELEVEL’s brand marketing, retail and technology insights enable us to design, develop and deliver unique retail experiences across every channel. Our culture is about listening, working harder, responding quicker, being proactive and always searching for the best.

InnerWorkings’ core business is to provide outsourced print procurement and management services to corporate clients exactly according to their requirements. We are the industry leader and bring over a decade of experience working with Fortune 2000 companies to streamline their print supply chains and deliver both hard and soft cost savings.

Problems? Suggestions? Email the webmaster at webmaster@mediamerica.net or read our FAQ page

Reviews (3)
byTLC, January 22, 2015
One of the best companies to work for in Portland!
byEd Halla, January 28, 2014
James (Dean),

Even though you clearly still represent rebels without cause I am surprised to see that by reviewing our company above, you are contributing to ill-founded prejudices and as such you are just being ignorant. To break some stereotypes about being Eastern European let me explain something about EYELEVEL:

We have strong business ethics and values, have successfully built global business and we do work and services large multinational companies. We value honesty, quality, and we are also very direct. We always try to add value to our customers. Lastly, we also employ lots of Non-Eastern Europeans, people that do not come to this country and do not steal our jobs☺

Obviously, I know my effort to change your unsophisticated view of our company is futile and therefore I wish you have courage to be more specific next time.

byJames Dean, November 13, 2013
Watch out

The whole thing is just a eastern european scam.
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