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1316 Ave G, White City, Oregon, U.S.A., 97503
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Iron Horse BBQ

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byJim Pack, February 1, 2010
The Iron Horse BBQ is unmatched in it's unique appearance and fabulous barbeque performance. Rogue Valley Corvettes utilizes the "Iron Horse" every year at an annual event on Cow Creek which is attended by a large group that demands performance. This same unit has feed hundreds at high school football games. The Iron Horse BBQ will draw crowds wherever it's put in service.
bySteve O'Keefe, January 29, 2010
We looked at this article and loved the look of the Iron Horse BBQ, checked out website very nice, we hope to purchase one soon. Thanks, Steve O'Keefe Director of sales.
byDean Mitchell,C.C.C.,C.P.C., January 29, 2010
The site gives you a great view and enough information to follow through and view what is there. I am the owner of a Iron Horse BBQ in Calgary Alberta Canada. If I was wanting to give my clients an opportunity to see the BBQ and get some feed back I would send them to this information site to see it for themselves and read a little information about it.
Thank You for adding this to your CEO Pages listings.
Thank You
byCraig Colling, January 29, 2010
Iron Horse BBQ is a very reputable company to work with and their equipment is one of a kind. We have funded many clients that have acquired their equipment and everyone is happy with the use of the BBQ and it is a revenue generator from day 1.

Craig Colling
Paramount Financial Services
877-948-6200 ext. 101
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