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Accelerated Innovation Workshops We’ve found that external connections made with customers are directly related to the internal connections made with team members up and down the org chart, cross-functional teams, marketing and sales collaboration, and most importantly, the connections made when creative ideas are transformed into innovative (and profitable) business solutions. That’s why we’ve developed a cross-consulting group with experts ranging from executive-level business developers to global sales and marketing consultants, working in collaboration with SolutionPeople® Innovation Acceleration tools and methodology to provide customized innovation workshops for individuals and organizations that want to grow through innovation. Accelerated Innovation Workshops can be held on-site at your facility, in a local conference room, or at a private retreat on beautiful Whidbey Island, in the Pacific Northwest. The island retreat provides an off-site escape from the demands of daily business, to help your team clear their minds, inspire creativity, and increase innovative solutions for your business challenges. Workshops range from one to three days, depending on the type of challenge you are trying to address, with agendas customized for your group size and dynamics. Workshops are facilitated by experienced business consultants who have been addressing the challenges of changing market dynamics across industries and specialties for decades. Accelerated Innovation Workshops are ideal for organizations that need to overcome significant business challenges, such as: -Annual business planning at the executive level -Measurement metrics and performance indicators to evaluate successful execution against business plans -Market campaign messaging, positioning, and definition -Competitive positioning in a rapidly changing marketplace -Quarterly or annual review of business and team performance, and definition of corrections of error to improve success in the coming term -Innovative internal process improvements for increased customer satisfaction -Product repositioning or launches -Product/service development Workshops are also beneficial for teams that need to tackle daily challenges, such as: -Internal communications -Rhythm of business reports and review cycles -Campaign launch, measurement, and improvement strategies -Continuous improvement across key performance indicators -Improved team dynamics -Aligned business practices

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