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Gregory M Russell

245 Carriage Lane, roseburg, oregon, united states, 97471
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Gregory M. Russell has been in the Oregon lending business for decades. When time is of the essence, or the loan needed is a difficult one, the experience of an established hard money lender can help you get the loan you need fast. Hard money loans, also referred to as private money loans, are those made by private investors to borrowers who, for many reasons, decide not to use conventional loan sources. Rather than go through all the documentation and paperwork required by conventional lenders, these loans eliminate much of the qualifying process, reduce credit score and income requirements, and can be made on more types of property. Generally the costs are higher with hard money loans, but due to the ease and speed of processing this type of loan, it often makes sense when analyzing a borrower’s options. Our interest rates and terms are very competitive for the services we provide. We are hard money lenders, not bankers.

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