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Portland Story Theater

3333 NE 15th Avenue, Portland, Oregon, United States, 97212
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Portlanders are passionate about stories. And live theater, and shared experiences. Portland Story Theater shares this passion. We use a unique collaborative approach to produce shows where people perform stories drawn from real-life experiences. We also offer workshops and one-on-one coaching for people who want to learn how to tell personal narratives. All around the country we've all seen that there's a new breed of literary event cropping up and Portland is no exception. Since 2004, Portland Story Theater has been leading the way to create a unique fusion of wit and bare-bone emotion expressed on stage. These performances bring urban culture to life. It's a new breed of literary event. Portland Story Theater is a 503(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization founded by Lawrence Howard, a boy from Brooklyn, and Lynne Duddy, native Oregonian.

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Reviews (2)
bycory huff, December 14, 2011
The first time I saw a show at Portland Story Theater, I laughed out loud and cried like a child. I've been doing theater for years and hadn't seen anything so real and truthful for a long time.

Since that first day, I've seen perhaps a dozen performances by PST, and have had the immeasurable privilege of collaborating with Lynn & Lawrence on a show of my own. Their guidance and advice have been instrumental in helping me grow as an artist and prepare for this new thing that I am doing.
byLori King, December 14, 2011
Portland Story Theater provides an amazing evening of heartfelt personal stories. Each amateur teller shares their experience, feelings and wisdom. The stories are wide ranging and move you to laugh, cry and cheer all in the space of a few minutes. You'll never think of storytelling in the same way once you've seen Portland Story Theater.
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