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Genian Systems Inc

PO Box 1645, Lake Oswego, OR, USA, 97035
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Genian Systems Inc., located in Lake Oswego, is an independent consulting organization specializing in the strategic management of technology for sustainability, commercialization for a low carbon economy, and “green” business intelligence; the work includes research, marketing, and planning for utility companies, technology companies, select venture capital firms, and municipalities seeking to understand the sustainability equations. Corporations begin considering the business case of sustainability as part of a trend driven primarily by regulatory, corporate governance, and compliance requirements. Organizations, as a result, develop ad-hoc processes to target sustainability requirements. As the integration of environmental and social issues evolves into long-term business processes, they emerge as a source of competitive advantage. Further, the execution of sustainability practices helps mitigate risks. This advances the integration of sustainability factors into planning, core products, and service offerings. Genian Systems assists in transitioning to the new economy; it can be profitable. New versions of industrial partnerships, integrating the capabilities of diverse industries takes time and commitment. The problem is corporate governance often understands its own industries but has little practical knowledge into leveraging other industries for a profitable sustainable affiliation. An integration and synthesis plan for a profitable corporate transition into sustainability is our forte.

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