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Connections: That's what Boly:Welch is all about

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Above: Boly:Welch-ers not busy making connections pose for the camera in their new headquarters.
Below: Business partners of 27 years, Diane Boly and Pay Welch.
// Photos by Christopher Barth
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Boly:Welch was founded in 1986 based on a close connection between Diane Boly and Pat Welch. The two had worked together at another recruitment firm and shared certain core values: passion for their work, a sense of humor, a commitment to their community and a desire to create a healthy, nurturing work environment.

They merged their connections and values to form a new business and, in the process, leveraged existing networks to create one of the foremost recruiting companies in the region.

Twenty-seven years later, having survived the recent recession without layoffs or cutbacks, Boly:Welch is thriving. Happily entrenched in their newly refurbished home in Portland’s Public Service Building, the firm is better positioned than ever to serve the employment needs of its growing client list.

“We’ve experienced 25% growth in the last year – an outgrowth of demand from existing clients and new ones,” says Boly. “We’ve built up trust with our clients, so that when they need just the right fit, they can count on us for the perfect candidate.”

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