Defining Convenience

01.09.14 Thumbnail Convenience StoresBY JESSICA RIDGWAY | OB WEB EDITOR

The proliferation of grocery stores in the inner city reinforces what this Portland shopper already knows: every urban dweller should have a food store within walking distance of their house.

Rethinking higher education in Oregon

01.08.14 Thumbnail College RestructureBY WIM WIEWEL | OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR

Oregonians this year will see a seismic shift in how public higher education operates across the state, bringing changes that I hope will help our students succeed and allow our economy to grow.

Avoiding employee disengagement

01.07.14 Thumbnail Engaged EmployeesBY MICHAEL BECK | OB BLOGGER

Many organizations recognize the importance of improved engagement, but the result of their efforts to improve engagement are generally poor because they are misguided.

Introducing OB's new Web Editor

01.03.14 Thumbnail MillenialsBY JESSICA RIDGWAY | OB WEB EDITOR

Introducing Jessica Ridgway, Oregon Business' new web editor. Ridgway will report on a variety of millennial issues.

Lessons learned from Oregon software failures

01.02.14 Thumbnail SoftwareBY ERIC FRUITS | OB BLOGGER

Cover Oregon’s fizzled launch has been a high profile disaster. But the state's history of multi-million dollar software disasters can teach us some valuable lessons.

It's still the news(paper)

12.24.13 Thumbnail NewspapersBY MARK BLAINE | OB BLOGGER

The Oregonian's move to a reduced distribution schedule is one more piece of evidence that the future of print newspapers is on a downward trajectory. Print is dying. Right?


Out of crisis: stop fighting fires


12.20.13 Thumbnail FireWhat if being in chaos was optional? What if crisis, or chaos, or “firefighting,” or feeling behind schedule, behind the press of constantly emerging problems, could be stopped? It can. It’s simple. It’s not easy. Here are your three steps to stop fighting fires — and getting control, confidence, and clarity.

Holiday party pitfalls


12.19.13 Thumbnail HolidayParty

With the holidays in full swing, many companies are electing to celebrate with their employees by throwing holiday parties. There is always some degree of risk associated with any company-sponsored function.

Developing your personal brand

12.09.13 Thumbnail Brand

How do you help people learn "who you are?"  The key is consistently communicating in a way that reflects your values and philosophies.