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Powerlist: Credit Unions
June 2010
Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ranked by total shares and deposits as of 12/31/09

PremierWest bounces back from the brink
High Five
Monday, April 26, 2010

Stronger shares for PremierWest could improve the bank's relationship with NASDAQ.

Deal Watch: Credit unions enter $5 billion merger
May 2010
Friday, April 16, 2010
Tom Sargent has technically been retired from his role as CEO of Beaverton's First Tech Credit Union since March, but he's staying on with the company to see it through its proposed merger with the Bay Area's Addison Avenue Federal Credit Union.
Umpqua Bank expands during recession
May 2010
Friday, April 16, 2010

IMG_1845Umpqua Bank is relatively healthy despite short-term disappointments, and it’s positioning itself to emerge as a strong regional bank after the present malaise abates.

On The Scene: The top brass of the future
On the Scene
Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When you think of what’s on the minds of most high school students these days, managing finances is probably not as high up on the list as the new car they’re dreaming of or the dress they’re buying for prom. But maybe it ought to be, since only 59% of young adults pay their bills on time, while most parents aren’t teaching their kids about saving and investing for retirement.

Which is what brought me to a business class at Gladstone High School yesterday. I was invited there by Bryan Sims, the 26-year-old CEO of brass|MEDIA Inc., a Corvallis-based media company focused on promoting financial literacy and formed by Sims when he was just 19. Yesterday was the kick-off for brass’ “Money Side of Life Tour,” launched in time for financial literacy month with Gladstone as its first stop. The tour is part of the brass|STUDENT PROGRAM – Oregon, an initiative to get free personal-finance resources (like the company’s flagship magazine) to teachers and students around the state.

The five-school tour has First Tech Credit Union as a presenting sponsor, and financial education officer Ryan McKernan was among the speakers at the Gladstone presentation. McKernan said it’s a good time to be promoting the topic among high school students, with district budgets cutting out financial-education classes as required credits. “And being a member-owned co-op, like all credit unions are, our strength is in our members,” McKernan said. “So as strong as they are, our balance sheet will reflect that as well.”

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