May 2011

Plastic from poplars

0511_NextOSU professors want to harvest plastics from poplar trees. Success could potentially provide a more sustainable alternative to oil-based plastics.

Powerlist: Utilities

This month's Powerlist ranks utilities by annual megawatt-hour or therm sales in Oregon.

The decline of the tacky strip mall

0511_StripMall_03The tacky strip retail malls are dying, leaving behind a museum of failure.

Waiting for wave energy

0511_WaveEnergy_04Despite years of planning it could be years before the state starts ocean energy permitting. Critics say that puts development at risk.

Ron and Lynne Saxton's education passion

0511_SaxtonWhen the governor needed help with education reform, he turned to a powerhouse husband and wife who've been a team since their college days.

Businessmen once again invest in custom suits

0511_SuitingUpBusinessmen are once again investing in custom suits.

The State We're In: bankruptcies ease

Bankruptcies increased again in 2010 but slower than in 2009.