Ron and Lynne Saxton's education passion

Ron and Lynne Saxton's education passion

Education Evolution

Upon his election last November, Gov. John Kitzhaber established three transition teams to examine ways to improve the state’s education system: early childhood, K-12 and post-secondary.

Lynne Saxton co-chaired the early childhood team and Ron Saxton co-chaired the K-12 team.

A few months later, the transition teams morphed into new entities, with new casts of characters. Ron Saxton moved on to the Oregon Education Investment Team, as did Lynne Saxton’s former co-chair, OHSU’s Pam Curtis, and 10 other state leaders in education and business.

Ron Saxton’s former co-chair, Springfield School Superintendent Nancy Golden, was named the governor’s education adviser. Lynne Saxton became the head of the Early Learning Design Team.

That 28-member team and the Performance-Based Budget Design Team, led by Duncan Wyse, president of the Oregon Business Council, will report to the Oregon Education Investment Team.


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Remember my claim: children can learn English IN HALF THE TIME with explicit phonics. I would like to visit the Mitch Academy in Tigard or Sherwood with either Mr. or Mrs. Saxton to see explicit phonics in action after school starts. My schedule is open. You have to "see to believe" this amazing method.

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