April 2011

Oregon's sin taxes vs. our neighbors

0411_SinTax_DataburstOregon’s taxes on products deemed “sinful,” such as alcohol, cigarettes and perhaps gasoline given its pollution, vary widely compared to neighboring states.

Trucking industry copes with rising costs

0411_TruckingA new gas tax and soaring crude prices are prompting Oregon truckers to innovate to protect their bottom lines while passing on as much cost as they can to consumers.

Unpaid taxes burn a hole in the budget

0411_UnpaidTaxesIt’s tax time again, unless you happen to be one of the thousands of Oregonians who don’t pay taxes.

E-waste industry helps boost jobs

0411_EwasteAfter an uncertain start, the state law that bans trashing electronic waste has kept heaps of toxic material out of landfills and created jobs. But just how many jobs is unknown, and as the Legislature considers expanding the program it is also looking to tweak the rules with job creation in mind.

Shooting revs up for Oregon's best TV and film year ever

0411_Productions_02Oregon’s film and television industry has never looked stronger. Vince Porter, executive director of the Governor’s Office of Film and Television, predicts that the state will pull in more than $90 million from television shows and films shot here in 2011. And that record windfall could be just the beginning.