April 2011

Elemental takes off with iPad

0411_ElementalThe demand for instant video and the explosion of the tablet market have propelled Elemental Technologies into rapid expansion mode.

Seaport stays airborne after losing Astoria

0411_SeaportIn spite of the recent cancellation of Seaport’s mostly empty daily flights between Portland and Astoria, the Portland-based airline is growing rapidly — mostly outside of Oregon.

Geoloqi explores place-based apps

0411_GeoloqiLocation-based mobile platform Geoloqi was born from a long-shared obsession by two people, Amber Case and Aaron Parecki.

Preston Pulliams leads PCC to major growth

0411_Tactics_01Preston Pulliams, president of Portland Community College, is in love with what he does "because I know what it can do."

Education cuts, tax measures hurt

In late February, we asked readers about the impact of the governor’s education cuts and the effects of Measures 66 and 67.

A break from skepticism

robin-BLOGSpring is finally here and hopeful green sprigs are sprouting in the economic landscape.