April 2011

A stronger surgical seal

0411_NextA product made from naturally occurring human fibrinogen is under development as a high-strength surgical sealant.

Powerlist: Banks

This month's Powerlist ranks banks by Oregon and Clark County deposits as of June 30, 2010.

Asian investors eye Oregon properties, green cards

0411_AsianMoney_01Chinese investors put their money — and hopes for green cards — in Oregon.

Timbers debut gets the money flowing

0411_Timbers_04It's the color of the shirts, the grass in the revamped stadium and the money locals hope will flow from the new MLS franchise.

Lincoln City diversifies its economy

0411_LincolnCity_01Lincoln City finds its way to recovery through risk-taking, collaboration and building its tourism base.

Mysterious wheat crop loss puzzles researchers

0411_WheatResearchers investigate what attacked thousands of acres of wheat in Eastern Oregon last fall—and whether it could happen again.

Help wanted ads plummet

0411_Indicators_02Total help-wanted ads placed in The Oregonian during 2010 represent only 7% of the total placed five years ago in 2006.