Oregon's sin taxes vs. our neighbors

Oregon's sin taxes vs. our neighbors

Oregon’s taxes on products deemed “sinful,” such as alcohol, cigarettes and perhaps gasoline given its pollution, vary widely compared to neighboring states. With a 31-cents-per-gallon tax on gas, Oregon ranks 16th, well behind No.1 California’s 48-cent rate. The state’s $1.18 excise per 20-pack on cigarettes ranks it 27th nationally and is dwarfed by No. 3 Washington’s $3.03 excise tax. California’s powerhouse wine industry benefits from a low 20-cent-per-gallon excise, while Oregon wine producers pay 67 cents. Yet Oregon’s celebrated craft brewers enjoy an 8-cent-per-gallon excise on beer, ranking the state 44th and lower than all its neighbors. State-controlled stores impose a $26.03-per-gallon tax on spirits in Washington and $22.38 in Oregon, ranking the states No. 1 and 2 in the country. And for those of you who think cell phones are a menace, Oregon averages the lowest state and local cell phone taxes in the nation.




Sattie Clark
0 #1 Just do it.Sattie Clark 2011-04-14 13:02:15
As a business owner and concerned citizen, I think taxing things that are bad for our health and/or future is a no brainer. At this point, I would support a strategic sales tax (designed to lessen the impact on the poor) rather than continue our perpetual budget crisis. It's painful to watch our legislature carve away at school funding when our schools are so overcrowded and challenged already.
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0 #2 A little misleadingCatherine 2011-04-14 16:27:19
Can we please remember that WA has no income tax and has to make up the revenue elsewhere? This is a bit misleading and certainly ought not to indicate that we need higher taxes in OR- even on 'sin' products.
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-1 #3 This is what Oregon will look like but with all taxesKevin 2011-04-14 16:51:24
I hope we do not vote in a sales tax without removing either the income tax or the property tax. Adding a sales tax without getting rid of one of our existing taxes will just allow the government to grow more. They need to start cutting services, not asking for more tax dollars
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