March 2011

Jobs bill gets little support in Salem

0311_JobsBillOregon offers tax credits to e-commerce businesses, movie producers, rural physicians and homeowners who buy wood pellet stoves. But a proposal to attack stubbornly high unemployment rates by providing incentives to people who create new jobs is gaining little bipartisan support in Salem.

Biomass fits and starts

0311_BiomassThe growing pains of the federal Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP) may be nearing an end, presenting an opportunity for those in Oregon’s biomass industry.

State ramps up Israeli connections

0311_Israeli_01Jeff Katz and Noah Siegel have spent a lot of time in both Israel and Oregon, and they are of the opinion that the two places have more in common than one might imagine. Think renewable power, apparel design and specialty agriculture — not to mention Intel, which has been operating in Israel since 1974.

Higher ed costs double—or more

0311_HigherEdDataburstThe state’s most expensive public university, University of Oregon (UO), raised tuition and fees for in-state undergrads more than 100% during the last 10 years, while the dominant science and engineering school, Oregon State University (OSU), raised them 80%.

Dealwatch- March 2011

The biggest deals of the month.

Roasters cope with rising coffee costs

0311_RoastersRaw coffee beans are getting more expensive. Whether or not the price you pay at the local café or grocery story for roasted beans or coffee has increased because of it depends largely on where you buy them.

Oregon commodities rebound in 2010

0311_CommoditiesDataburstOnly four of Oregon’s top 10 farm commodities increased value in 2010, yet overall state commodities increased 3.8% to $4.3 billion.