February 2011

Oregon's population growth slows

0211_Population_DataburstOregon’s population grew just 12% between 2000 and 2010 after increasing 20% the prior decade.

Embedding music posters with bar codes

0211_TaggrTaggr, a Portland-based startup music promotions company, plans to allow consumers to interact directly with those music posters that spark their interest.

Phoseon takes off in Hillsboro

0211_PhoseonFor nearly a decade Phoseon has been trying to transform the printing industry by replacing high-voltage, mercury-based bulbs used to dry and cure ink with ultraviolet LED lamps that last longer, emit less pollution, use less energy and contain no mercury.

OSU expands in Bend

0211_OSUGrads_02Oregon State University celebrates the 10th anniversary of its Cascades campus this year, but the work there has just begun.

Mixed success for manufacturing jobs

0211_Manufacturing_Databurst_01Manufacturing rose and fell around the state, depending on the product.

Portland rated a top real estate buy

0211_HandMLow vacancy rates in the Portland retail, office and industrial real estate sectors have made the city a good choice for investors looking to put money back into the market.

Startup develops high tech hunting suit

0211_HECSHuman Energy Concealment Systems specializes in gear that conceals hunters' electromagnetic fields from prey.