February 2011

Puralytics tackles water quality on global scale

0211_SolarBagAfter taking a coveted first place at the Cleantech Open last year, Beaverton-based Puralytics, a startup that uses LED lights to purify water, is turning its focus to aiding the global water and humanitarian crisis.

Powerlist: Meeting facilities

This month's Powerlist ranks Oregon meeting facilities by total square feet of meeting space.

Angel fund boosts fortunes, economy

0211_Angels_01The Oregon Angel Fund has backed 16 companies since 2007 and not one has failed. The results speak for themselves as the fund becomes a powerful force in supporting hot new businesses.

Knowledge Universe reaches $1.6 billion in revenue

0211_Knowledge_02Knowledge Universe is the largest private provider of early childhood education services in the country. Its ambitions don’t stop there.

Mike Thrasher Presents follows the money to punk, metal

0211_Thrasher_01Portland music promoter Mike Thrasher has become one of the biggest concert promoters in the Northwest with his stealthy street-level marketing.

Unemployment eased in some regions, not others

0211_Indicators_01The state and nation were mired in unemployment during 2010.