January 2011

Reedsport tackles recurrent flooding

0111_ATS07The town of Reedsport’s efforts to revitalize itself into a tourist and retirement destination are being hampered by its historic problem with flooding.

Raghu Raghavan keeps Act-On local

0111_ATS04Raghu Raghavan was building web apps before there were web apps, and selling software-as-a-service before there was SaaS. A native of Bangalore, India, who came to Oregon to join the then-tiny team at Mentor Graphics in 1983, Raghavan plans to build his new email marketing company, Act-On, from a dozen employees to more than 30 by the end of 2011. And he plans to do so in Oregon, not Silicon Valley.

Tip pool ruling cuts restaurant costs

0111_ATS01A recent ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that allows food service employers in Oregon and Washington to require employees to participate in a “tip pool” is being welcomed by the industry but not some workers.

VocalBooth to star on American Idol

0111_ATS02Niche manufacturer VocalBooth has landed some major endorsements over the past few years: Sheryl Crow, Dave Matthews Band, Madonna, Mariah Carey, even the one-and-only Lady Gaga. But those names pale in comparison to the company’s latest publicity tool, a little reality show called American Idol.

Keen approaches $200M in revenue

0111_Tactics01CEO James Curleigh took the helm of Keen Footwear in 2008. It's now on its way to hitting $200 million in revenue.

From the Editor: 30 years and counting

robin-BLOGThirty years ago, I was just a few years out of school and working as a copy editor at the Sun-Sentinel, a daily paper in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Readers want more sales, less weight

We asked our readers what personal and business goals they had for 2011.