January 2011

Brewers help restore Deschutes river

0111_ATS16Oregon brewers are signing on to help with water restoration in the Deschutes River.

Study examines mushroom habitat

0111_ATS13Mushroom harvester camps in the Crescent Ranger District, which collectively rival the population of nearby towns, are weighing in on how forests are managed in an effort to protect the country’s top-producing Matsutake area.

Bicycle oriented development catches on

0111_ATS09Jon Kellogg, a 22-year veteran of the commercial real estate industry, says he caught a lot of flak when he first began considering bringing mixed-use development to North Williams Avenue.

Chocolate business stays sweet

0111_ATS08The race to create the most creative artisanal chocolate might finally be over: a chocolate stuffed with pig’s blood.

Reedsport tackles recurrent flooding

0111_ATS07The town of Reedsport’s efforts to revitalize itself into a tourist and retirement destination are being hampered by its historic problem with flooding.

Raghu Raghavan keeps Act-On local

0111_ATS04Raghu Raghavan was building web apps before there were web apps, and selling software-as-a-service before there was SaaS. A native of Bangalore, India, who came to Oregon to join the then-tiny team at Mentor Graphics in 1983, Raghavan plans to build his new email marketing company, Act-On, from a dozen employees to more than 30 by the end of 2011. And he plans to do so in Oregon, not Silicon Valley.

Tip pool ruling cuts restaurant costs

0111_ATS01A recent ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that allows food service employers in Oregon and Washington to require employees to participate in a “tip pool” is being welcomed by the industry but not some workers.