December 2010

China demand strong for Oregon logs

1210_ATS09The state’s long-suffering timber industry is shipping more logs than ever to China as prices in that market rise while others remain stagnant.

Dealwatch: December 2010

The big deals, mergers and transactions of this month include new Intel plants and a new low-income apartment complex from nonprofit Macdonald Center.

Wyden pushes for bipartisan tax reform

1210_ATS08Intel had just announced in late October that it would invest billions of dollars and create thousands of jobs in Oregon, and Sen. Ron Wyden was beaming. His tie was Intel blue, his re-election campaign was gaining momentum (he would end up winning comfortably) and he was full of praise for Ronald Reagan.

Japan keeps jobs in Forest Grove

1210_ATS07As other agricultural businesses in the area such as plant nurseries struggle because of the anemic housing market, 60-year-old food processor New Season has seen steady sales over the past five years thanks to vegetable powders it produces for a line of Japanese soups and its strong relationships with local farmers.

Portland embraces cargo bike’s ability to deliver the goods

1210_ATS05Joel Grover worked at the Bike Gallery in Portland for more than 20 years before he decided to set up Splendid Cycles on his own in May, selling nothing but cargo bikes.

Businesses drop asking prices

1210_ATS04Portland Metro business owners have been slashing asking prices when selling their companies, even though their revenues have been about the same for the past couple years.

Old questions return to leadership gathering

1210_ATS02When it staged its first leadership summit in 2002, the Oregon Business Council faced an incoming governor, high unemployment, a sluggish economy and a state budget shortfall of nearly $2 billion.