November 2010

David Evans gets NOAA contract

Big deals, mergers and transactions of the month.

Injury ends football career, but leads to innovation

1110_ATS03The pro football draft day of 1994 was the worst day of Brian Cassidy’s life. Once ranked among the top prospects in the nation, Cassidy watched as player after player was drafted and he was overlooked.

Oregon draws from California, exports to Washington

1110_ATS02Oregon gained about 75,000 more residents than it lost from 2003-2008 with Californians accounting for the lion’s share of immigrants.

Projects spark energy in Eugene

1110_ATS01City efforts to reduce barriers to construction along with some substantial loans to downtown projects have helped boost Eugene’s economy.

Noble Coffee prospers in Ashland

1110_Tactics02Noble Coffee Roasting in Ashland has built its success on sustainable ethics and a reverence for quality.

Readers share recovery ideas

1110_InputGraph03Problems continue to plague Oregon's economy. Here's how 704 of our readers ranked ways to help the recovery in a survey conducted in late September by research partner CFM Strategic Communications.

Getting down to work

robin-BLOGHow many of you know someone out of work, or have someone in your own family who can’t find a job? How many of you sat next to a colleague that was fired? How many of you have had to downsize your business to keep the doors open?  No one has gone untouched by this so-called jobless recovery.