November 2010

PSU prof develops law enforcement headsets

Police gather vehicle and driver information in two problematic ways. They can either enter license plate numbers into a computer, which requires them to be inside their cruisers and distracts them while driving, or they can call a human dispatcher and wait for clear radio bands. Warren Harrison, head of Portland State University’s computer science department, decided to do something about it.

Powerlist: Health plan providers face reform challenges

1110_Powerlist01Oregon’s health plan providers are facing new challenges as national health care reform rolls out.

Players angle for Portland casino

1110_Casino01The stakes are high for Oregon tribes, private business investors and the state in the race to get a casino close to the lucrative Portland market.

Portland is unprepared for a big earthquake

1110_ShakeDown03When the big one inevitably hits, it will collapse bridges, destroy energy sources, ruin many commercial buildings and leave Portland's economy in ruins.

Ready or not, health reform is coming

1110_Health01Health care reforms have Oregon businesses of all types and sizes gearing up for an uncertain future.

Housing starts stall

1110_TSWI01During the last four years, permits for new housing in Oregon, both single-family and multi-unit, have been going over a cliff.