October 2010

Wind energy developer runs into a green wall

1010_Windman01Wind energy developer Chris Crowley was the darling of the green set until he tried to put turbines near Steens Mountain.

State We're In: Freight transportation levels out


State tax receipts from trucking employment /busines listings fell 11.6% in 2009, but gained 4.3% year-to-date as of July.

Group turns trash into treasure

ResourceFull UseA group of Portland-area business strategists are encouraging companies to dump their waste on others as a way to save money.

Predicting algae blooms in time to help coast economy

MOCHAA statewide research group is developing a way to forecast harmful algae blooms to help mitigate the negative economic impact that beach closures have on Oregon’s coastal communities.

Conflict swirls around gold mining

1010_ATS16A long-simmering conflict over individual versus public rights has converged on the banks of the rivers of southwest Oregon, stirring resentment between gold miners and environmentalists. In question is whether suction dredging poses a threat to river wildlife and if the long-standing individual right to mine in the state should be amended.

Oregon workers cheaper than most

1010_ATS14Despite a minimum wage adjusted for inflation each year since 2004, Oregon experienced the smallest percentage gain in private sector pay between 2001 and 2009 when compared to neighboring states — 22.1% versus Nevada’s 27.7%.