Top 3 best medium nonprofits

Top 3 best medium nonprofits

No. 2 Best Medium Nonprofit

Oregon Partnership

For the employees and volunteers at Portland-based Oregon Partnership, it’s all about respect: for their clients and for themselves.

Outstanding leadership and the degree of ownership the staff feels toward their work are two major draws for this nonprofit, which works to end substance abuse and suicide in the state. Oregon Partnership runs numerous help lines, advocates nationally for improved social services and organizes local education programs. All of that work shows. This is the nonprofit’s second year on the 100 Best list.

“We’re very fortunate to have a leader who is involved in so many different levels,” crisis line director Leslie Storm says of CEO Judy Cushing. In addition to leaning on her close working relationships with Oregon’s congressional delegation and governor, Cushing pushes her employees to do their best. And they do.

“There’s a lot of flexibility. My son comes into town, I can take that time off because they know I’m gonna give it back,” Storm says. Employees feel a much greater sense of freedom than they did at previous jobs, which only invigorates their drive to do good work and help as many people as possible.

“Every one of us in this office is given the opportunity to own an idea, to own a project,” education director Donna Libemday says. “You have a staff that is primed to be innovative.”