Top 3 best small nonprofits

Top 3 best small nonprofits

No. 2 Best Small Nonprofit

Child Care Development Services

The employees of Gresham-based Child Care Development Services are a cool and collected bunch, even when facing mountains of files to process. “They’re going over our clients reauthorization forms,” CEO Carolyn Morrison says, referring to a group of employees reviewing federal food reimbursement applications from 885 childcare clients.

In addition to facilitating food reimbursement through the Child and Adult Care Food Program, the employees also maintain a searchable database of certified childcare providers and offer specialized training to those who are interested in certification.

“If you are average or mediocre, you won’t make it here,” Morrison says half-jokingly. Those who work at the organization take pleasure in the fact that they are some of the best in the business and appreciate the high degree of respect they receive, no doubt helping make it a 100 Best Nonprofit for a second year.

All that hard work doesn’t go unnoticed — Morrison finds ways to acknowledge good work. After a Russian-speaking staff member translated a presentation into Russian, she received a gift card and bouquet of flowers.

Even in stressful times, employees enjoy a relaxed and fulfilling working environment. “We empower our providers as professionals,” Laurie Johnson says of her passion for her nonprofit’s results-driven ethic. “They are raising the future.”