Top 3 best large nonprofits

Top 3 best large nonprofits

No. 3 Best Large Nonprofit

Mary’s Woods at Marylhurst

This Lake Oswego retirement community nurtures both the residents and employees.
The employees of Mary’s Woods at Marylhurst are thrilled with the benefits they receive, which include comprehensive health insurance and a retirement plan. “I feel like I’m in a union,” says maintenance worker Mike Rogers. The benefits are excellent, but the staff loves its work because of the family environment. This is Mary’s Woods second year as a 100 Best Nonprofit.

Executive director Edward Mawe addresses by name all the 224 employees he sees. “Management is truly concerned about the staff,” says director of marketing Cheri Mussotto-Conyers. The employees use the same gym and swimming pool as the 450 residents, and a massage therapist and acupuncturist are available at a discounted rate. A tuition assistance program encourages employees to pursue higher education, a benefit that’s difficult to pass up with Marylhurst University next door.

The staff also support each other. Many employees contribute to an emergency assistance fund, which assists co-workers who are struggling financially. They also hosted a biggest-loser contest and rewarded the employee who lost the most weight with $800.

Mawe strives to keep the lines of communication open. “It empowers you,” says executive assistant Sophi Gwynne.

From the bottom to the top, everyone at Mary’s Woods gets the credit they deserve. The “unsung hero” needs recognition, says director of human resources Linell Nevius, the people who work hard behind the scenes, but who rarely find themselves in the spotlight.