September 2010

The Dalles buys historic theater

0910_ATS14The ultimate resurrection of the historic Granada Theater in The Dalles, built in 1929 as the first place to see a talkie west of the Mississippi, has been wobbly for many years.  So after years of trying to find the right buyer for the theater, the city has bought the theater for $387,000 in a negotiated deal with a developer.

Turning old mills into new money

0910_ATS13The old Bright Wood lumber mill in Bend is the latest former mill to be redeveloped into something completely different. Gone are the blue-collar jobs, replaced by a fitness studio, a salon and a coffee shop. It’s the third former mill site in Bend to be reinvented in this manner, and developers and public officials are entertaining similar plans all over Oregon.

More Voodoo magic

0910_ATS10The owners of Voodoo Doughnut took their quirky product to Eugene and found immediate success, but it might be due to summer, not sugar.

Dealwatch: September

A roundup of transactions, mergers and big deals of the month.

Job loss in Roseburg

0910_ATS09With a June unemployment rate at a staggering 14.4%, the recent news that Alcan Cable in Roseburg was shutting down was another unwelcome blow to Douglas County’s economy.

Fishermen explore direct sales

0910_ATS08Commercial fishing in Oregon may be looking to its past to help sustain its future. Some Oregon fishermen increasingly are considering selling their catch directly to local consumers through a possible Community-Based Fishery Management program, similar to the popular Community Supported Agriculture programs.

Free-trade agreement could mean new berry market

0910_ATS07A free-trade agreement with South Korea could help Oregon’s blueberry market bounce back from the depths of 2009.