September 2010

Job loss in Roseburg

0910_ATS09With a June unemployment rate at a staggering 14.4%, the recent news that Alcan Cable in Roseburg was shutting down was another unwelcome blow to Douglas County’s economy.

Fishermen explore direct sales

0910_ATS08Commercial fishing in Oregon may be looking to its past to help sustain its future. Some Oregon fishermen increasingly are considering selling their catch directly to local consumers through a possible Community-Based Fishery Management program, similar to the popular Community Supported Agriculture programs.

Free-trade agreement could mean new berry market

0910_ATS07A free-trade agreement with South Korea could help Oregon’s blueberry market bounce back from the depths of 2009.

Tattoo industry makes its mark

0910_ATS06Oregon’s tattoo industry has flourished in the past few years despite the bad economy, with the number of licensed practitioners growing 350% in the past decade and the number of schools almost tripling.

Drop tower has business opportunities

0910_ATS05A new drop tower that simulates a weightless environment at Portland State University isn’t just a cool toy for researchers. There’s also opportunity for business applications.

Costly rules to hit truckers

0910_ATS04New California regulations coming in January will hit the wallets of Oregon truckers.

Disaster business helps FLIR

0910_ATS02Recent disasters around the world have helped boost the fortunes of FLIR Systems, the Wilsonville-based manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras used in the private and government sectors.