September 2010

Next: Cheaper solar panels

0910_Next01Portland State University chemistry professor Carl Wamser is figuring out a way to create solar panels that could be inexpensive enough to install on every house. The current process that uses silicon, the main element of a solar panel, is expensive. Wamser has found a cheaper substitute: an organic molecule called porphyrin, which is purple and acts like chlorophyll.

Powerlist: Staffing Firms



Highest-paid Oregon CEOs earn less


The highest-paid CEOs Oregon public companies shared some of the pink slips and wage cuts that were common across all industries in the past year. For 2009, the total pay for this year’s Top 40 dropped 5% versus last year’s Top 40, and nearly half the current crop received less compensation than they did the prior year. Bonuses plummeted 59%.

Money Ball: Oregon colleges follow the cash to football

0910_Sports02It's smart business to have a stake in Oregon's $166 million college football industry.

Bankruptcy lawyers cash in

0910_Lawyers01Bad news brings good business to firms that specialize in bankruptcy and finance.

The state we're in: Lumber improves


Western softwood lumber production, including 27 Oregon mills, toppled to 10.7 billion board feet in 2009, down 44.6% compared to 2005 with 19.3 billion. However, 8.7% more board feet were produced year-to-date in June than last year.