August 2010

The green benefits of cork

0810_ATS13Cork is an important part of the wine industry. Maybe not as critical as the grape, but hard to think of a bottle without it. Salem-based Cork ReHarvest, an environmental nonprofit, is working to bolster cork’s importance as a manufactured good with a new cork recycling program.

Sushi's safe

0810_ATS14The BP oil spill that’s devastating the seafood industry in the Gulf Coast region isn’t yet affecting Oregon’s sushi restaurants.

Wineries say kegs are good for sales

0810_ATS15Nontraditional wine packaging is saving restaurants money and in turn expanding the restaurant market for vineyards.

Foodie PR for PDX

0810_ATS16Five Portland restaurants in the past year have made it onto Bon Appetit’s Top 10 lists: Higgins Restaurant and Bar (best Thanksgiving), Bunk Sandwiches (hotdogs), Little T American Baker (coffee shops), Pine State Biscuits (chicken), and Foster Burger (guess). Being listed in the national foodie magazine has brought some welcome publicity and new customers.

Fishing quotas spawn hope, concern

0810_ATS02A new plan that will drastically change how trawl fishermen operate off the coasts of Oregon, Washington and California is heading toward implementation in January after seven years of debate, discussion and hundreds of meetings.

Beating back the bug, for now

0810_ATS03A wet and cold growing season was bad news for Oregon’s fruit crops, except in the battle against a destructive fruit pest.

Big salmon runs benefit tribes

0810_ATS05Strong salmon returns in the Columbia River, including a huge comeback for a species nearly written off two decades ago, have given tribal fishermen an estimated $3.5 million economic boost over the past few months.