August 2010


A roundup of timely transactions, mergers and big deals.

Coos Bay rail brings opportunity

0810_ATS10The final acquisition of an important rail segment has given the International Port of Coos Bay a chance at economic stability.

Port plans new jobs

0810_ATS11The Port of Astoria’s newly finished strategic plan hopes to generate 200 new jobs for the coastal town, no small feat  considering that Clatsop County’s unemployment rate is 9.5% and job growth has decreased by 1.4% since last May.

The green benefits of cork

0810_ATS13Cork is an important part of the wine industry. Maybe not as critical as the grape, but hard to think of a bottle without it. Salem-based Cork ReHarvest, an environmental nonprofit, is working to bolster cork’s importance as a manufactured good with a new cork recycling program.

Sushi's safe

0810_ATS14The BP oil spill that’s devastating the seafood industry in the Gulf Coast region isn’t yet affecting Oregon’s sushi restaurants.

Wineries say kegs are good for sales

0810_ATS15Nontraditional wine packaging is saving restaurants money and in turn expanding the restaurant market for vineyards.

Foodie PR for PDX

0810_ATS16Five Portland restaurants in the past year have made it onto Bon Appetit’s Top 10 lists: Higgins Restaurant and Bar (best Thanksgiving), Bunk Sandwiches (hotdogs), Little T American Baker (coffee shops), Pine State Biscuits (chicken), and Foster Burger (guess). Being listed in the national foodie magazine has brought some welcome publicity and new customers.