August 2010

Next: Cancer software

0810_Next01MRIs have been a longstanding alternative to using painful and invasive biopsies to diagnose breast cancer. But MRIs accurately distinguish malignant from benign breast cancer tumors only 30% of the time. Charles Springer, a senior scientist at the Advanced Imaging Research Center at Oregon Health & Science University, five years ago began developing MRI software that looked past the image’s brightness to analyze how fast dye traveled out of the tumor cells.

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Oregon's Public Companies List 2010


Ten years ago Oregon had 80 publicly traded companies. That crew has dwindled by well over a third during the past decade with just 51 this year. In fact, the state hasn’t had so few public companies since 1993 when there were 44.

Young business leaders ignite startup scene

0810_NewMoney01Capital poor and risk averse, Oregon has never been known for fast money. But an ambitious group of young business leaders is working to reinvigorate the startup scene.

Portland craft distillers grow up, evolve

0810_Distilleries05A tanned, barefoot Rod “Harry” Harris splashed some amber whiskey into glasses from aboard the RoLin, his 70-foot yacht moored in Portland’s RiverPlace marina. Harris helped make the spirit himself at House Spirits, a small-batch distillery in Portland, as part of the Whiskey Your Way program, which allows participants to blend and age their own 15-gallon barrel of whiskey for $4,900.

Farm prices stabilize

0810_ATS18graph1Oregon farm product prices peaked in summer 2008, flopped in 2009 with the stagnant economy, but regained some footing in the first half of 2010.