Foodie PR for PDX

Foodie PR for PDX


Foster Burger was named one of the Top 10 best new burger joints in Bon Appetit’s July issue. Sales have spiked since the issue came out.  // PHOTOS COURTESY OF CONDE NAST; FOSTER BURGER
Five Portland restaurants in the past year have made it onto Bon Appetit’s Top 10 lists: Higgins Restaurant and Bar (best Thanksgiving), Bunk Sandwiches (hotdogs), Little T American Baker (coffee shops), Pine State Biscuits (chicken), and Foster Burger (guess). Being listed in the national foodie magazine has brought some welcome publicity and new customers.

“We did see a spike in business immediately. I’m guesstimating that business jumped 15% or more,” says Brian Snyder, co-owner of Pine State Biscuits, which was in the June issue as a Top 10 fried chicken joint.

Foster Burger was named one of the Top 10 best new burger spots in Bon Appetit’s July issue. Despite those local bloggers who disagreed with the listing, saying the hamburgers there are too pricey, Foster Burger’s sales have spiked since the rating. “I would dispute strongly that we are expensive. You can’t compare us to McDonalds and Burgerville,” says Andy Ricker, co-owner of Foster Burger. “We are about a $1.50 more, but they use pucks and we use hand-ground beef.”

Not everyone cares about a national nod. Bunk made the August 2009 Top 10 hotdog list, but when asked what fame and glory it might have brought, co-owner Tommy Habetz sent us back this email: “Not to sound too ignorant, but what Bon Appetit list?”

And besides, he adds, “We’ve never had a hot dog on the menu.”