June 2010

Pipeline gushes jobs

0610_ATS04Laid-back Lakeview could be changing its look in a hurry this summer as the digging begins for a 675-mile natural gas pipeline to ship Wyoming gas to California.

Schools get Lego robot funding

0610_ATS03Robotics education in the Gorge got new wind last fall when Google gave $43,000 to two groups in The Dalles for Lego Mindstorms. Kids ages 6 to 18 use the kits to build robots out of sensors, motors and Legos that can be programmed using simplified software.

Pentagon wind farm block raises question

0610_ATS02When the Pentagon blocked construction of the $2 billion Shepherd’s Flat Wind Farm because turbines could scramble aircraft radar at a facility in Fossil, Oregon’s congressional delegation went to bat for the state’s economy.

So many apps: Mobspot helps users choose

0610_ATS01There are more than 185,000 apps and growing in Apple’s App Store, and users are feeling overwhelmed. In April Ben Jacobsen of Portland startup Mobspot and three co-founders launched a social network for app users that works with Facebook and Twitter to show which apps your friends are using.

The Original Pancake House ignores the competition

0610_Tactics01The Original Pancake House has an unusual business playbook: the family plan.

It's certainly an unusual business playbook: buy only the best ingredients, don’t keep track of food costs, don’t advertise, don’t crunch numbers, don’t chase trends, ignore the competition, value relationships over profit, don’t answer the phone, worship butter. Don’t change. Anything. Ever.

Readers question health care reform

0610_Input02Reader input this month: heath care reform.

From the Editor: Green dream teams

0610_EditorsLetter01 First, to dispel the rumors: Oregon Business’s glamorous editor Robin Doussard has NOT entered rehab. Nor is she planning a return to the Broadway stage — at least not as far as I know.