Readers question health care reform

Readers question health care reform

Do you favor or oppose the health care plan recently passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama?

Favor        31%
Oppose    57%
Not sure   12%




Lisa Anderson
0 #1 Do You Think We're Stupid?Lisa Anderson 2010-06-21 11:24:09
The idiotic healthcare bill was so obviously an ideologically based power grab that it astonished me how Pelosi and Reid could continue talking about how this would "improve" healthcare with a straight face. Their noses must have grown ten inches from all the lies.

Whenever this form of healthcare financing (and make no mistake this is about MONEY not care) it has been a disaster. Costs rise, emergency rooms are MORE crowded, providers retire, move or quit taking new patients.

If the gulf spill had to happen, too bad it didn't occure BEFORE this debacle. We could see just how well the government coordinates, responds and solves problems.

My only hope is repeal and remove the idiots in Congress who shoved this down our unwilling throats.
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Charlcie Kaylor
0 #2 Are you informed?Charlcie Kaylor 2010-06-21 12:21:18
Many “experts” don’t have a full grasp of the 1000 page bill, so I doubt the responses to this poll were based on much more than fear and bias rather than complete information.
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