Pipeline gushes jobs

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Articles - June 2010
Thursday, May 27, 2010

LAKEVIEW Laid-back Lakeview could be changing its look in a hurry this summer as the digging begins for a 675-mile natural gas pipeline to ship Wyoming gas to California. Jim Ruhwedel, project manager for the Hillsboro-based pipeline contractor Rockford Corp., plans to hire 1,300 people for the 125-mile section of the project he’s overseeing, with 600 of those jobs based in Lakeview (population 2,500, elevation 4,800 feet). Rockford is looking for union equipment operators, laborers, truckers and welders at wages ranging from $30 to $60 per hour. A few regulatory hurdles remain, but pipeline officials hope to get started in July. The project is expected to be quick and intense, lasting just six or seven months by Ruhwedel’s estimate. But even a short-term hiring spree could do economic wonders for sparsely populated Lake County, which had all of 2,050 non-farm jobs as of March 2010.



James F.A. Conway
0 #1 Heavy Equipment Operator Local 428James F.A. Conway 2010-08-12 09:19:09
Can run most equipment effciently finish blade, dozer, loader, scraper, trackhoe, backhoe, watertrucks, and waterpulls all types and sizes. If wanting help can reach me (520)395-0184 will travel thank you James Conway
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Lance D Schlotterbeck
+1 #2 laborer 169Lance D Schlotterbeck 2011-11-12 11:02:50
worked on the ruby pipe line in nevada&oregon .would like to work the pipe line in oregon i was on the clean up crew.I have been doing underground work for about 20 years.You can reach me at (775)720 7762 work Lance Schlotterbeck.I will travel & thank you for the work in Lakeview
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michael david spencer
+2 #3 22 year old labor from sothern oregon michael sencermichael david spencer 2012-02-05 16:23:41
I have ben working for northern pipe line in slc, ut for 10 mounths. I can run a d5 boomn I can also swamp, epaxy, shore ditch, ect. To contact me call 541-761-8785.
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Kyle Bock
0 #4 Skilled Laborer 24years old with 5years experianceKyle Bock 2012-03-19 12:10:18
Living in central MO, Looking to relocate. I have 5 years of experiance in road construction. My abilities include, running backhoes, skidsteers, have limited experiance on highlifts, and volvo off road trucks. I am a fast learner with a great attitude and work well with others. you may contact me at your convience at (417)298-1782 Thank you
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0 #5 Skilled laborerGuest 2014-04-09 21:41:10
I am a 26 and been a union laborer 7 yrs been with 10 contractors and completed all projects.. Worked on ATEX line in Ohio Realy liked working for Rockford. Gas in Truck bags packed! Dedicated laborer and love to travel. Ready to go! Reach me at 7407101689 Shawn messer thanks.
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0 #6 heavy equipment operaterGuest 2015-02-04 02:16:43
22 yrs pipeline experience. Out of local 4 operating engineers specializing in tie ins. Mainline ditch. Cleanup. In North dakota right now. The boom is fading fast.
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