May 2010

Marijuana goes mainstream in Southern Oregon

_T5P0967Marijuana has been a lucrative underground business for decades, but as pot laws become more liberalized it’s become a big part of the above-ground economy.

Why Hollywood Video failed

HWOOD1Why Hollywood Video failed: New technology and consumer fancy turn out the lights for Hollywood Video.

Oregon's 3-D expertise could create a promising new cluster

3Dglasses2Oregon has a long history with 3-D entertainment and technology. If the local industry can coalesce, some see a sharper future.

Portland couple sets up in Shanghai

Jeff-Rachel2A Portland couple moved to Asia to find adventure and business opportunities. Fifteen years later, their sustainable housewares company is thriving.

Genentech invests $400 million in Oregon

starkmangovernorSince purchasing 75 acres of land in Hillsboro in 2006, the San Francisco-based pharmaceutical giant Genentech has invested $400 million in Oregon and created 250 jobs at its new fill/finish and distribution facility.

Rogue Ales expands its borders

rogueIt’s good to know you can be 8,000 miles from home and still get Oregon beer.

Libraries are flooded with visitors

Nonprofits find themselves competing more and more with businesses for customers, and libraries are no exception. However, Oregon’s 130 public libraries are thriving and many are expanding an already loyal customer base.