May 2010

Oregon coastal tourism is picking back up

Oregon_CoastThe Coast’s tourism industry is expected to be slightly better than last year.

Geothermal interest heats up in Oregon

geo2Cheaper technology, stimulus funding and interest in renewable power have spurred a renaissance in geothermal exploration in Oregon after decades of failed attempts.

Wind farm construction puts stress on eastern railway yard

DSC_0014New wind farm construction is straining the capacity of Shutler Station Industrial Park to the point that Gilliam County officials are asking for a state grant for additional railway track.

Possible figure skating payoff keeps PDX on its toes

iStock_000004563761The City of Roses will play host this November to international figure skating competition Skate America in hopes of getting a shot at getting the National Championships back after five years.

Umpqua Bank expands during recession

IMG_1845Umpqua Bank is relatively healthy despite short-term disappointments, and it’s positioning itself to emerge as a strong regional bank after the present malaise abates.

Bend Research reinvents itself under CEO Rod Ray

_ND35988CEO Rod Ray is reinventing the company’s business model to make Bend Research a leader in pharmaceutical drug-delivery research.