May 2010

Wood waste flour could create a new building material

NEXTAn Oregon State University professor says wood waste can be turned into a “flour” that makes a composite hybrid material when mixed with thermoplastic.

Powerlist: Commercial real estate

Ranked by number of licensed agents for commercial properties in Oregon

PDX hits some turbulence

0510Indicators1PDX airport passenger traffic, which had already dropped 2.4% in 2008, nosedived another 9.6% in 2009 (its biggest decline of the decade) when total U.S. commercial traffic dipped just 5.3%.

Deal Watch: Credit unions enter $5 billion merger

Tom Sargent has technically been retired from his role as CEO of Beaverton's First Tech Credit Union since March, but he's staying on with the company to see it through its proposed merger with the Bay Area's Addison Avenue Federal Credit Union.

Marijuana goes mainstream in Southern Oregon

_T5P0967Marijuana has been a lucrative underground business for decades, but as pot laws become more liberalized it’s become a big part of the above-ground economy.

Why Hollywood Video failed

HWOOD1Why Hollywood Video failed: New technology and consumer fancy turn out the lights for Hollywood Video.