Oregon voters are unimpressed with the state's political leadership

Oregon voters are unimpressed with the state's political leadership


Responses provided by 776 Oregon Business readers in an online survey conducted in late March by research partner Conkling Fiskum & McCormick.


DK Harbord
0 #1 Governors race a great example!DK Harbord 2010-05-13 10:51:47
We need leadership in this state and what do we get? An ex governor whose legacy was do nothing to prevent a reelection, and a good person but who's resume' is the NBA. Come on we need leadership!

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0 #2 Better That Than A Career PoliticianLisa 2010-05-13 14:23:11
DK, I'd rather see someone like Chris Dudley who has been successful in OTHER endeavors and who is NOT a career politician than someone like Kulongoski who is owned by the teacher's unions and other Democrat special interest groups.

At least there is some hope that Dudley will make decisions based on what will benefit Oregon rather than planning the next election the day he walks in the Capitol.

Funny how Kitz now feels Oregon is governable....I thought he'd washed his hands of us a few years ago.

In all fairness though, his Oregon Health Plan functioned much better than the old Medicaid plan. It's too bad the best elements of that system were not retained.

At any rate I am so glad we don't have Kulongoski for much longer. The endless sucking up sound from Salem was getting tiresome.
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Thomas Collet
0 #3 Grecian FormulaThomas Collet 2010-05-13 16:42:26
My vote will go to the candidate who convinces me he is serious about 2 things: reducing the public sector and growing the private sector. If Oregon doesn't do that we can change the name of the state to Greece.
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