April 2010

Research transforms advertising world

obm-r2ctimmichelle-116Traditional advertising is in trouble, but direct response, search marketing and web analytics are booming, and Oregon companies are leading the way.

Community nurtures Portland apparel sector

Dahlgren04Portland’s apparel cluster thrives on creative minds, active lives and nearby giants.

No relief yet for commercial real estate

pit_02When commercial real estate finally hits bottom — and that could be at least another year away — it will exist in a much colder world than the fevered run-up.

Solarization begins in Pendleton

Pendleton is beginning a citywide initiative to install solar panels on residential homes with an eye toward eventual job creation and a niche market for renewable energy.

Ashland's Croman Mill project progresses

McGrew_Mill_late_1960sThe Croman Mill property in Ashland has been dormant since the mill’s 1996 closure but plans for a redevelopment are moving ahead despite the fears of local businesses.

Waste-to-energy plant yields jobs

A new waste-to-energy pilot plant in Arlington shows that there may still be jobs in waste, no matter how fancy the technology gets.

New headlight prevents bird strikes to planes

Precise Flight, a Bend manufacturing company, started thinking in the late 1990s of ways to decrease the number of bird strikes to airplanes. The result is a headlight called the Pulselite that is specialized to bird vision.