March 2010

Laika plans next act after successful year

travisRegardless of how Coraline fares at the Academy Awards, it has been a triumphant awards season for independent animation studio Laika.

Recession creates buyback boom

IMG_7985Storeowners throughout the state who offer customers the option of selling their books, CDs or clothes for cash or in-store credit are noticing that the recession has caused the buyback culture to increase dramatically.

Floating homes weather housing crisis

IMG_1855Floating homes make up a quirky sector of the real estate market and have been insulated from the worst of the crash experienced by their land-based counterparts. improves classroom teaching

LEARNING10Rather than go the way of many other dot-coms of the era, refocused.

Best practices weathering the storm

inputWhat has your organization done to help employee morale during the downturn?

Economy doesn't stop 100 Best

When I started thinking about a headline that would capture the spirit and hard work of this year’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon, When the going gets tough was the first thing that came to mind. And it stuck.