February 2010

Rural counties depend on landfill business

Arlington-Landfill-pushing-garbage_2936Small towns where trash equals cash are increasingly dependent on the huge companies that own Oregon’s dumps.

Oregon's poorly funded universities revolt

higered2As state support for Oregon’s universities hits rock bottom, a push for autonomy for the universities gains new momentum.

Wilshire Credit clogs up mortgage relief

wilshirePoliticians and homeowners are clamoring for mortgage relief. That’s unlikely until mortgage servicing companies such as Wilshire Credit get ready to deal.

Better broadband headed to small communities

broadbandOregon’s rural communities can’t afford the cheap, fast broadband service they need to compete. The problem gets a fresh spotlight as stimulus money is available.

Plastics recycler sets up in St. Helens

A team of veterans from the recycling industry plans to break ground this month on a new plastics recycling facility in St. Helens.

Cupcake bakeries succeed in stale economy

CupcakeEven in these sour economic times, people are still willing to pay for some sweets.

Snow season starts strong, then rain hits the slopes

mtb_groomerMoney fell early from the sky for many of the state’s winter sport hot spots, but rain and warm weather have melted what may have been a promising season for robust sales.