February 2010

Consumers go for cheaper burials

Funeral directors report more and more people are making cheaper choices when choosing arrangements for their deceased.

Credit unions gain market share from banks

Plenty of Oregon banks are still reeling, but the state’s credit unions are flush with cash.

Overgrown, grass seed farmers switch to wheat

Wheat2Converting to more profitable crops can be a smart move for farmers in rough economic times, and grass seed farmers are doing just that by growing wheat.

Cold freezes olive oil dreams

Bigger-OlivesOregon’s newest crop experiment, which growers hope will be as successful as Oregon Pinot Noir, may not have survived the winter.

Pellet market smoldering

BNK-FP-ScreenWood pellets are looking like the next big thing in Oregon’s campaign to create green jobs. Or are they?

Good crab season boosts coastal economy

crab1The economic impact of the state’s Dungeness crab fishery in December alone was about $55 million, a welcome jolt for coastal towns from Astoria to Brookings.

Convergence Networks survives recession by planning ahead

CONVERGENCE1cAfter two years of improving operations, honing the company’s focus and firing the worst customers, CEO David Murray is confident that Convergence Networks will grow steadily into the future.