January 2010

Deal Watch: Ochoco to build wood pellet facility

OBM-091709--153Hit hard by declining harvests, the housing slump and the recession, Oregon timber towns have turned to everything from mountain bikes to microbrews to try to fill the economic void.

Portland Harbor sinks under Superfund stigma

_MGH0032Portland Harbor is a critical economic engine stalled by the uncertainty and stigma of being a Superfund site. It will take decades to restore the Lower Willamette River and the transition will be unpleasant, expensive and complex. And crucial.

Ambition sparks Oregon Iron Works VP

1109OregonIronWorks01Chandra Brown started as a temp at Oregon Iron Works. Now she's a hard-charging VP who's snapping up big streetcar contracts and building a reputation as one of the state's most influential players.

Portland food carts push through recession

OBMFoodCartsNongs-154Portland’s ubiquitous food carts provide more than great food at a bargain. With low operating costs and the lure of self-employment, hundreds of immigrants, chefs and first-time business owners have turned to food carts as recession-busting businesses.

Bot detector targets cheaters

GoblinWu-chang Feng has a solution to a problem that irks producers and players of “massively multiplayer online” games (MMOs) such as World of Warcraft.

Eugene real-estate company grabs new markets

GorillaGorilla Capital, a Eugene-based buyer and seller of foreclosed homes, has expanded into Arizona, Idaho, southwest Washington and Florida as part of a broad strategy to become the dominant national player in distressed residential real estate.

New publishing platform helps comic book artists

Shishkaboom-WebsiteTwo entrepreneurs in Portland say their comic book publishing platform will predict and deliver content fans want to buy and read. The magic principle behind the platform: democracy.