January 2010

Helping farmers maximize crops

DSC00661Every season farmers must contend with shifting crop markets as they look for the best outlet for their produce. But Randy Morrow hopes to ease some of that uncertainty with his new family business called eProduceSales.com.

Cruise ship business flounders in Astoria

cruiseThe city of Astoria is bracing for a substantial hit to its local economy because it is losing half its cruise ship business.

Unmanned plane business soars

IMG_2531The market for humanless planes, boats and ground vehicles has exploded, creating a whole new tech sector for the Pacific Northwest.

Tillamook CEO reveals strategy for future

It says something about a place when almost 1 million people a year make a pilgrimage to a cheese factory. Yes, the Tillamook County Creamery Association produces more than that, but this house was built on the rock of cheddar 100 years ago and it’s not moving.

The year in review

January is always a time to reflect on the year gone by. As I look back at the magazine’s coverage in 2009, there is a distinct Dickensian quality.