November 2009

Trouble in Timber Town: Decades after an industry downfall, towns still grapple with what's next

obm 091709 -303Oregon's historically timber-dependent communities struggle to diversify with increasing desperation. What's ahead for these once-prosperous towns? It's a question far from answered.

Down by the old mill

0T5P8680Bob Russell finds his dream in making Butte Creek Mill a thriving business for Eagle Point.

The electric acid test

NISSAN_EV6Will 2010 be the year Oregon finally realizes its green dream of being a national market for highway-ready electric vehicles?

PDX bicycle boom races through the recession

IMG_7097If you think Portland has gone to the bicyclists, just wait until 2030.

From ranch to runway

0X4Q1358In front of a crowd of black-clad urbanites sitting in the dark, rancher Jeanne Carver told her “sunlight story.”

Visitors hit attractions

Many of Oregon’s top attractions have seen their visitor numbers increase over the last year despite the bad economy.

Got milk glut? Dairies struggle

Oregon dairy farmers have been losing money since the financial crisis drove down milk prices last fall.