November 2009

Visitors hit attractions

Many of Oregon’s top attractions have seen their visitor numbers increase over the last year despite the bad economy.

Got milk glut? Dairies struggle

Oregon dairy farmers have been losing money since the financial crisis drove down milk prices last fall.

Greens take aim at PGE's Boardman plant

_GO_1440Coal generates just 22% of the electricity in the Pacific Northwest, but it is responsible for 87% of greenhouse gas emissions from the regional power grid. Given those numbers, it was only a matter of time before environmental groups took aim at Portland General Electric’s Boardman coal plant, the largest source of greenhouse gases in the state.

How Oregon taxes stack up

A survey of other states’ taxes shows that while Oregon’s corporate income tax hike is far from radical, other changes make Oregon’s taxes look more extreme.

Healthy jobs

An estimated 3,600 jobs that are likely to spring up in the wake of the Legislature’s recent health care reform legislation have gone all but unnoticed.

Portland's greenest bank walks the line

0527shorebank17Ask ShoreBank Pacific CEO David Williams how it feels to be running Portland’s greenest bank these days and he compares it to walking along the edge of a razor blade.